Here’s a picture of the heart of Algiers.

The port and the Casbah of Algiers

From autumn 2001 through Summer 2002 we lived in Algeria. More exactly in its capital Algiers. Algiers is a fairly large city with well over 2 million inhabitants.

Bay of AlgiersThe city of Algiers sits at a bay overlooking the beautiful Mediterranean. The old town, the Casbah, used to be home to sea pirates. It’s a labyrinth of tiny streets climbing the hill overlooking the port.

French architecture in AlgiersBut Algiers also is a city with beautiful avenues and architecture reminiscent of its long French influence. The buildings may need some refreshing but have lost nothing from their former glory.

Algeria is a beautiful country with a rich historical and cultural heritage and a tremendous variety in its geography (sea, plains, mountains, deserts).

Map of Tipasa, Algeria (click to enlarge)Tipasa for example is located about 50km west of Algiers. It’s a seaside resort with beautiful beaches of white sand and turquoise water against a hilly background. It even featured a Club Med in the ’70’s!

Roman ruins in Tipasa (click to enlarge)Tipasa has one of the better Roman ruins along the Mediterranean Sea. It was originally a Phoenician trading post, but it became a Roman colony in the 2nd century AD. Later it became one of the most important Christian ettlements in Northern Africa. With the coming of the Vandals and their Arian Christianity in 430, most of the inhabitants fled to Spain. With the coming of the Arabs in the 7th century, there was so little left that they called the place Tefassad, meaning "badly damaged".(©Copyright CiAS Miftah-Shamali Algeria ( Tipasa has also been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site" in 1982, one of only 830 such properties across the world.

Roman road (click to enlarge)The main road, 14 meters wide, has about 200 meters preserved. It used to link Tipasa with Cherchell, 14 km further to the west

Shopping street (click to enlarge)This must have been one of the more exquisite shopping streets of its era 2000 years ago when you could stroll under the arches and check the wares in the stores lined along this street that leads down to the seafront. Carpe Diem, the Romans truly knew how to enjoy life!

Royal Mauretanian mausoleum (click to enlarge)Only a few kilometers away from Tipasa on a hilltop, 260m above sea level,overlooking the region, stands the impressive Mausoleum of the Royal Family of Mauritania. It is 32 meters high, 61 meters diameter and contains 80’000 cubic meter of stone blocks. It was built for King Juba II and his wife Cleopatra Selena, daughter of the famous Cleopatra of Egypt. Juba II reigned from 25 BC to 23 AD over Mauritania which had its capital in Iol (Cherchell). Jubba II was of Berber origin and the Kingdom of Mauritania covered Morocco and Algeria.

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