The Colors of Autumn

Beautiful autumn colors  (click to enlarge)

I finally decided to get out of Bucharest to take some pictures. I had checked the weather forecast and I was looking for a sunny autumn morning to capture the colors of autumn. I decided to check out the area around the dam of Maneciu in the Valenii de Munte area north of Pitesti on the way to Brasov. I left Bucharest at 6 am to try to get to the area around sunrise to capture the warm light of the early morning glow. Being a Sunday and early morning there was hardly any traffic on the road, so I made good progess. Unfortunately once I got to Maneciu, the weather was not conducive to capture the beautiful mix of rich autumn colors. The hills were covered in a misty fog which the sun did not manage to penetrate. So I decided to continue driving up the road towards Sacele and Brasov. In the end it proved worth it and I was rewarded with the opportunity to capture beautiful autumn colors in Romania.

With fog veiled colors  (click to enlarge)Finally when approaching the picturesque village of Cheia in the valley of the Telejean river the sun broke through the misty morning fog. The early morning sun rays lit up the beautiful mixture of greens, yellows, reds, maroons of the leaves while leaving a vail of fog on some parts.

Valley and mountain top  (click to enlarge)After Chiea and before I started climbing the mountain on the winding roads we got a beautiful opening of the valley of the Telejean river showing the majestic mountains in the background with a colorful diplay of mutlicolored trees.

Vast Valley   (click to enlarge)After climbing the mountain on its winding road with its multiple hairpin bends snaking along the mountain side, we managed to get a glimpse of the beautiful valley beyond on the road down on the other side of the mountain.

Sun rays playing with the leaves  (click to enlarge)The early morning sunrays were penetrating the forest next to the road horizontally with its warn soft early morning light and lighting up the beautiful yellows and greens of the remaining tree leaves.

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