Bucharest International Air Show

I’m not in particular a fan of air shows nor did I venture out to go and attend one. The Bucharest International Air Show of 27 July 2013, held at Baneasa Airport, was imposed on me. I live close enough to see the runway of the airport and for the entire day aircraft were taking off and landing and flying over while doing their acrobatics. Hence it was difficult to ignore and I took the opportunity to take some pictures of aircraft. I then tried to figure out what type of aircraft were participating by looking up the tail fin identity on Airliners.net. With the information I obtained there on the aircraft type I looked up more detail on Wikipedia.

EA300L Aerobatic Monoplane  (click to enlarge)The Aero Club of Romania was a big participant in the air show which seems natural as it is their home turf. They participated with a formation of EA300L aerobatic aircraft which were launched in Germany in 1988. They flew several sorties and performed aerobatic stunts.

Antonov AN-2P (click to enlarge)Another aircraft the Aero Club of Romania presented was the Antonov AN-2P which is a light utility aircraft used for parachute drops and in agriculture. It was launched in 1947. The aircraft appeared in good condition and it was great to observe a vintage plane.

Flying Bull B25J Mitchell (click to enlarge)Red Bull used the opportunity to advertise by featuring the Flying Bulls’ North American B25J-Mitchell. This was a mid-range bomber from WWII launched in 1941 with a 16m wingspan and a max speed of 438 km/h. This aircraft looked beautifully restored and the non-painted body still was glistening in the sunshine. It somehow reminded me of Antoine de Saint-Exupery, the author of “Le Petit Prince”, flying off in the sunset and disappearing with his air force plane during WWII.

The Baltic Bees  (click to enlarge)The Baltic Bees formation of 5 aircraft of the type Aero L-39C Albatros spent a considerable amount of time performing a significant number of aerobatic stunts. The aircraft they use is a high performance trainer jet aircraft from the (former) Czechoslovakia which was launched in 1968.

Aerobatics  (click to enlarge)It was a privilege to enjoy the aerobatic movements of the Baltic Bees so up close.

Landing (click to enlarge)But as with any show, the performance always comes to an end. In this case the “birds” have to come back in and land ….

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