Primavera … or almost

The first Saturday of April was a beautiful Spring day in Bucharest, Romania. The only real one sofar. The city was basking in a beautiful sunshine and the temperature was pleasant mildly warm with a cool undertone thanks to a light breeze. Perfect weather to go out and re-discover the beauty of the city.

Beautifully resored villa on Sos Kisselef  (click to enlarge)I made a 4 hour walk along some of the historic and architectural landmarks of the city. Compared to 16 years ago when I was last in Bucharest a lot has changed. The original beauty of the city is more obvious now as a lot of effort has gone into restoration.

CEC Bank building on Calea Victoriei (click to enlarge)Bucharest is full of architectural treasures from the early 20th century up to the 2nd world war. It’s evident that the “Paris of the East” had affluence earned from being a bread basket for the region and one of the foremost agricultural producers en exporters of the time as well as one of the very few oil producing countries.

The Peasant Museum on Sos Kisselef  (click to enlarge)This is all the more evident in the Kiseleff and Dorobanti areas of town as well as along the Calea Victoriei which leads to downtown.

Little Paris of the East  (click to enlarge)Kiseleff avenue is easily recognizable from its “Arc de Triomphe” albeit that it is a more modest execution than the Paris version.

Dilapidated and barely showing its former glory.  (click to enlarge)Kiseleff is also dotted with beautiful stately villas and monuments while some still await restoration.

King Carol I  (click to enlarge)The huge statue of Carol I on his horse in front of the Building of the Carol I Foundation which now houses a university library is an impressive reminder that Romania until the end of WW II was a Kingdom, ruled by a family of German descent that had been invited barely 100 years earlier.

Cretulescu Church (click to enlarge)The city is dotted with churches many of which have now beautifully been restored. The frescoes inside are always worth a visit inside. The oldest church of Bucharest is the Cretulescu Church on Calea Victoriei on the square where the 1989 revolution started. It was built in 1720.

Revolutionary Square  (click to enlarge)Revolutionary Square houses the former building of the Central Committee of the Communist Party and from which balcony Ceausescu made his last speech and had to escape as the revolution ignited in Bucharest. The square now also houses a beautiful monument to the dead of 1989. A reminder to all that freedom can come at the cost of may innocent lives.

Union Centre (click to enlarge)Bucharest is a treasure trove of architectural examples from the late 19th century, the period before WW I, the 1920’s and 1930’s Art Nouveau as well as fine examples of communist grandeur type of buildings.

Stavreopoulos Street  (click to enlarge)The old town around Lipscani has become pedestrian and a haven of clubs, bars, restaurants that overflow on to the pedestrian streets with an abundance of terraces. Great to enjoy a beautiful spring day with a cooling drink with friends or family.

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