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This month I have done a couple of trips where I did not bring my camera, only to regret it as I had to rely on my iPhone. The iphone is a phone first and foremost and only barely a camera. Yet, better that than nothing.

Bruton Abbey from the schools cricket field  (click to enlarge)On June 30th I had to be in Bruton, Somerset, to pick up my son from school. It was a lovely day. Slight breeze, not hot and white clouds dotting the steel blue sky. The Bruton abbey church looked magnificent as seen from the cricket field. A typical English setting.

Cricket on the fields of Lyon House, at Bruton School  (click to enlarge)A perfect English afternoon would not be complete without the ultimate gentlemen’s sport, cricket. In this case the gentlemanly sport was practiced by women. I have still no idea how the game gets played. All I have understood is that it can go on for days while of course observing the necessary breaks for lunch and tea.

The week of 16 July I spent traveling in Caucasus, visiting Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan. I have one it many times before. Again I did not bring my camera, to my regret and was at the mercy of my iPhone to take pictures.

Piercing through the clouds to land at Tbilisi Airport  (click to enlarge)Travel to Caucasus has become so convenient ever since Air Astana has started direct flights to both Tbilisi, Georgia, and Baku, Azerbaijan, each several times a week. Previously one had to travel via Istanbul which turned into a 23 hour door-to-door trip. Early morning breaking through the clouds when landing provides for spectacular viewing.

Is that me?  (click to enlarge)Crossing from Georgia to Armenia has improved a lot over the past 6 years, mostly on the Georgian side of the border. On the Armenian side, one still enjoys the “developing nation” type of border service. So while immigration formalities are completed fairly quickly, the registration of the car to be permitted to drive in Armenia takes long enough to get a suntan and stare at one’s own shadow.

Yerevan's main square  (click to enlarge)The Marriott in Yerevan is located right at the main square providing for a beautiful view of central Yerevan.

Disputed Armenia and Azerbaijan border area  (click to enlarge)When driving from Georgia to Armenia and choosing the route that goes via Lake Sevan on actually travels through the disputed birder area between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Plenty of military outposts can be observed and often the road goes through occupied Azeri territory. The panoramic views from Armenia into Azerbaijan, nevertheless, are breath taking.

Clouds mimicking the landscape and architecture  (click to enlarge)When returning to Tbilisi I witnessed a cumulus cloud formation which appeared to be mimicking the landscape and architecture of a monastery built on a hill top. The cloud was towering straight up.

Tbilisi  (click to enlarge)Tbilisi always is a pleasant stop over. The hospitality is unequaled as is the food. The historic surroundings beautifully preserved and in many cases patiently restored are worth a holiday trip of discovery.

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