Almaty shook – briefly and lightly

Map of earth quake location  (click to enlarge)Today 31 May 2012, I got woken up at 03:20 am in the morning … by my wife. She told me the bed was shaking and it was an earth quake. Indeed the bed was shaking and the headboard was banging hard against the wall. In spite of the ruckus my son, Lucas, and I where fast asleep.

Nevertheless, the shaking didn’t last long. From the time I woke probably not more than another 10-15 seconds. So when the shaking was over we decided out of precaution to move to the ground floor and slept the balance of the night in the couch.

First time ever I’m in an earthquake and it didn’t feel that bad. If my wife had not woken me I would have slept though.

So this morning I checked on the USGS Earthquake alert website and found out it was a 5.4 earthquake (revised down from 5.7), about 150km east of Almaty and at a depth of 27km. Net, less strong than the one that happend last year in the first week of May which was 5.3 but nearer by at about 80km and a depth of only about 10km. We missed that one as we were traveling in Tibet.

If you have Google Earth installed you can find the exact location of the earthquake here.

Last Updated: 31-05-2012

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